IAG Referral Program

Fine Print & Definitions

Referring Company: Any active IAG ProServ client that employs the Referring Person.

Referring Person: Any active Referring Company employee who refers or introduces a new client prospect to IAG.

Referred Company: Any company that is currently not in IAG’s pipeline or an active IAG client and is introduced by the Referring Person. IAG will send the Referring Person and Referring Company confirmation that the Referred Company is eligible for this program within 10 business days of receiving the referral.

Referred Person: A decision maker in regards to hiring IT that works for (or owns) the Referred Company

In order for a referral reward to be paid:
Referred Company must become an IAG ProServ client.

Payment of Referring Person’s and Referring Company’s Compensation:
Referred Company must have paid three months of service to IAG for an IAG ProServ contract before the Referral Reward is granted to the Referring Person and credits granted to the Referring Company. Payment to the Referring Person will be issued within 30 days after IAG has received the third payment from the Referred Company on their IAG ProServ contract. Referring Company will receive one-third of the Referred Company’s first months IAG ProServ service bill after IAG has received the third payment from the Referred Company on their IAG ProServ contract. This reward to the Referring Company will be in the form of IAG ProServ invoice credit, and this credit will be applied within 30 days of receipt of the third IAG ProServ payment from the Referred Company. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or be used to purchase hardware, software or go towards projects outside of the Referring Company’s IAG ProServ contract. Referring Company can use credits during the Referring Company’s active IAG ProServ contract period with IAG. Any unused credits after the contract period will have no cash value and will expire.

If Credits are larger than Referring Company’s monthly IAG ProServ fee, the balance will be pushed to the subsequent month’s IAG ProServ fees.

Disputes and Questions:
If the Referring Person or Referring Company has a dispute about credits, they must be submitted in writing to IAG.

Any questions about this program or questions on how to facilitate an introduction can be directed to referral@iagteam.com.

Program Duration:
IAG reserves the right to change, discontinue or otherwise alter this program, terms, conditions and any compensation stated or implied herein without notice.