2019 Q1 CEO Business Technology Report

Technology in 2019 has gotten off to an amazing start.

It is very exciting to be in a field where there is constant innovation, evolution and change.  While I understand that many struggle with change, we embrace it.

Just in the beginning of this year we have seen extraordinary developments in all types of technology.  Everything from Artificial Intelligence (AI), to robotics, to advanced computing have made some steps forward.  We look forward to discovering how these kinds of innovations will affect both our personal and professional lives.  Of course, there is always the perspective that the world will become a scene from the movies “The Terminator” or “The Matrix”, but that is a story for another time, when we delve into the concept of the technological singularity.  For now we are focused on the ways that these and other advancements will help us run our businesses better, protect us from the evils in the world, and provide new conveniences to our daily lives.

There is an important balance in business as it pertains to new technology. It is a constant struggle to implement the best tools, while keeping up with a standard for quality, stability and security. While advancements in fields such as medicine are both important and possibly life saving, in most businesses it can be risky to use and deploy cutting edge technology. We strongly believe that a mix of tried and true methods, and best practices should be used to most optimally help with both the growth, and the every day of your business.

There is also the very important consideration of adopting technology that aligns best with your business. The effort to be certain that you are using the right business technology to align with your industry, your unique company, your values, and your goals.  It’s all moving faster and faster so hang on for the ride.  If you get dazed or confused, just raise your hand, because there are many of us that love to help you understand and make the best of what is out there.

-from the desk of IAG CEO Lamar Curtis